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Two innovative technologies to cut the cost of energy storage
Technologies thermqiues - Technologies et procédés
Vendredi, 30 Mai 2014 16:49

Currently, adding energy storage to Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) costs about $30 per kilowatt-hour of capacity, contributing between 15 and 20% of the project cost. Can this be reduced?


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Parabolic Mirror Manufacturing in China is Catching Up
Cylindro parablique - Industrie
Vendredi, 30 Mai 2014 16:24

Just in time for MENASOL 2014 in Dubai - where Rayspower is a sponsor & exhibitor - the China-based company has completed an initial test report on parabolic trough mirrors together with the DLR in Germany.


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Micro-CSP still looking good in Sopogy’s wake
Cylindro parablique - Industrie
Vendredi, 30 Mai 2014 16:13

The demise of MicroCSP pioneer Sopogy seems a blow to small-scale solar thermal. But analysts and even Sopogy's founder still reckon the concept has potential.

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A possible marriage of CSP and CPV
Lundi, 31 Mars 2014 15:50

There are very few companies commercially pursuing the form of solar that combines CSP and CPV, but a new program out of ARPA E is putting $30 million into investigating the idea, funding 12 projects to try towring more output from the harvest of both light and heat from the sun.

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